• To expand greenhouse and fully transform the farm into 
   sustainable export based highly intensive agriculture
• To add value through agro-processing and
• To become center of excellence for agricultural technology transfer to local farmers


  • To introduce new farm technologies to promote productivity of vegetables and fruits such as
  • Modern greenhouse
  • Modern nursery
  • Irrigation technologies such as drip overhead sprinkler and Fertigation technologies
  • Farm machinery (Modern tractors Bed maker & Planters) and spray equipment’s
  • Plastic mulch
  • Use of high yielding and quality hybrid seeds
  • Use of low residual chemicals
  • Fertilizer application based on soil analysis results
  • Health and safety rules
  • Create reliable data on climatic condition (install farm weather station)
  • Introduce modern cold room for leafy vegetables and fruits
  • Introduce grading and modern packaging of products
  • Introduce food processing plant
  • To qualify Global Gap certificate for export
  • To supply quality products to local market and export
  • To multiply and supply quality seeds and seedlings to local farmers
  • Import new vegetables and spices and make pre production trials
  • To establish farm services for local farmers
  • To expand greenhouse and introduce more modern farm implements