About us

As per the campaign made on the end of July 2016 by the Ethiopian Agricultural Transformation
Agency (ATA) to establish 20 Farm Service Centers (FSC) throughout the country and out of this
three FSCsin the TigrayRegional State, We won the award of Humera Farm Service Center
(HFSC) which is mainly established to help the small holder farmers and Investors in the western
Zone of Tigray region by providing quality an affordable price of agricultural inputs, Veterinary
Dugs and equipment , Mechanization Services to the small holder farmers. Our farm service center
is the only Farm service center with Mechanization Service in the country.

One of the prominent tools of promotion is on spot promotion of the FSC and incising farmers and retailers to have the information and link with FSC accordingly. Having this idea, the Humera FSC were conducted promotion using on car launched amplifiers in the 3 woredas and 36 kebeles of western zone.

HUMERA FARM SERIVC CENTER (RFSC) and RAYA FARM SERIVC CENTER (RFSC) are committed to the cause of serving farmers for which several Agri-care programs that are beneficial to the farming community have been put into effect. We continuously invest in programs that are directed towards educating the farmers on right practices and new technologies enhancing the yield. The growing population and reducing arable land is demanding more agriculture production from each farm holding. Use of technology and better crop inputs has become inevitable for the farmers.

To provide comprehensive agricultural solutions right from sowing to harvest, aimed towards the objective of improving sustainability & profitability of farm holdings through continuous investment in research & development while imbibing strong corporate governance values.

  • To be the global leaders in agriculture input industry both in terms of size and scale of operations.
  • To lead the development of cutting edge technological solutions towards optimizing yield & setting quality benchmarks.
  • To revolutionize the agricultural industry through the promotion and adoption of scientific farming practices.
  • Integrity  In all our thoughts and actions
  • Equality in our dealings with customers, employees and stakeholders
  • Collaboration with clients, vendors and partners