Desta  Group Business Sectors

Desta Berhe Welu, the owner of Desta Group, is a sole proprietorship company which is currently implementing diversified investment works in line with the country vision and target market. Based on this, the investor has currently engaged in the following investment and trade sectors.


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Tour & Travel

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Agricultural Mechanization Farm

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Farm Service Centers

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Export & Import

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Fruits & Vegetables

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Telecom Products

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Our Vision

To create competent local and international investment by participating local and international community, using different effective technologies and taking different feasible investment alternatives.

Our Objectives

Implementing investment sectors which can support the country’s transformation plan(GTP 2) and to achieve the effectiveness of the investment.

  To contribute on creating sustainable local market through producing target market products

Implement new technologies, which can create effective and sustainable investment.

To introduce feasible investment technologies to local farmers and other community members to make beneficiary.

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Job Vacancies

All Desta Group member companies’ job vacancies are posted here. Qualified candidates are invited to apply for job vacancies before the deadline ends.

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